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Mustard Seed Preschool serves children from ages 18 months to five years old. The ages are divided in four classes with excellent student ratios and group sizes.

For the Roo (toddlers) class, the ratio is 1 : 3-4 (10 children and 3 teachers)

For the Piglet class (2-year-olds), the ratio is 1 : 5 (14 children and 3 teachers)

For the Pooh Bear class (3-year-olds) is, the ratio is 1 : 5 (14 children and 3 teachers)

For the Tigger & Kanga class (Pre-K), the ratio is 1 : 7 (14 children and 2 teachers)

Each of the classes have rich and cozy school environments that engage and promote learning through play. Each class has morning programs that balance both indoor and outdoor play, art, music and movement, circle/rug time, sensory activities, and group activity times. The classes have a variety of learning spaces such as comfortable reading corners, built-in lofts, house-keeping areas for imaginative and dramatic play.

We believe that a high-quality school environment and curriculum will encourage the physical, cognitive, social, emotional, creative and spiritual growth of children.  Our program balances structure and free-choice, child initiated and teacher directed activities.





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