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  • What does "play-based" mean?"
    At Mustard Seed Preschool, we believe that children learn best when they are engaged and having fun! Teachers are intentional in creating environments where much learning and growth can happen with age-appropriate materials and activities. The children learn valuable skills through play. This includes math, science, language, interpersonal and emotional skills and much more.
  • What are the teacher : children ratios in the different classrooms?
    We keep excellent ratios! For the Roo class (toddlers), the ratio is 1 : 3-4 (10 children and 3 teachers) For the Piglet class (2-year-olds), the ratio is 1 : 5 (14 children and 3 teachers) For the Pooh Bear class (3-year-olds), the ratio is 1 : 7 (14 children and 2 teachers) For the Kanga class (Pre-K), the ratio is 1 : 9 (28 children and 4 teachers)
  • What is the process of enrollment and waitlist?
    We enroll on a first come, first serve basis. When spaces open up during the school year, we enroll from the waitlist. Please fill out the waitlist application under the enrollment tab. This places your child on one of four lists. When a space becomes available, you will be contacted via email and you will have one week to accept.
  • What are the summer session dates?
    Summer Session is 10 weeks long from mid-June through the 3rd week of August
  • How is the summer session billed?
    The summer session is based on a different billing cycle than the school year’s. Tuition is charged on a weekly basis.
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