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We respect each child’s needs, skills, and interests. We allow them to explore, create, and grow at the pace that meets their temperament and development. In order to establish the foundation for effective learning, we believe these three components need to be firmly in place before academics can be mastered.

Our mission at Mustard Seed is to be a community where:

1. Children are nurtured in love and high quality care

It is of the utmost importance that children feel nurtured and comfortable in our school environment. We offer high quality care as our excellent teachers regularly collaborate in how to best meet the individual needs of each child.

2. Children are equipped to be socially competent and emotionally intelligent

Our biggest value is supporting children’s socio-­emotional development. We encourage their developing skills of voicing their needs, identifying feelings, and asking for help. We help them to recognizing the feelings of others, and encourage them to help friends in need. We support them in developing conflict resolution techniques, methods of overcoming their fears, and becoming resilient individuals. We plant these early seeds of empathy, kindness, peacemaking, conflict management, and self­-regulation knowing they will serve the children tremendously through adulthood.

3) Children are supported to be independent and confident people

We believe children thrive when they are supported in becoming independent and confident. We encourage children to try things on their own, to challenge their own personal zones of learning, and to master new physical, social, and academic skills.

With these three goals in place, children are primed to learn successfully and thrive accordingly.

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